*Playful SHIT* by alishasecretfetish

*Playful SHIT*

*Playful SHIT*
Showing off my shitty ass crack smeared in poo and my pussy that is leaking some sweet cream for you. I take another shit and wipe it up.

Length: 1min. 
Size: 4 MB 
Format: wmv Category: Shitting / Scat 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-04-19
Video Info:
Audio Info: 640x480 Pixel @ 800 kb/s
2 Channels @ 128 kb/s

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Paola Xtrem Teen

Paola Xtrem Teen

Paola Xtrem Teen
It's a hard day. I have a lot of work at the computer, my belly hurts me so bad... I had to eat something not fresh yesterday. I lying on the bed and at some point gets to me a brilliant idea Pee Videos, Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery

Length: 4min. 
Size: 219 MB 
Format: mp4 Category: Shitting / Scat 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-07-10

Shit Squat in Red Heels by Pretty Girls Potty Times

Blowin Up the Bedroom 2

Blowin Up the Bedroom 2
Several days worth of my ass making music for you! I'm laid out across the bed with my ass facing the camera and I keep blasting nasty, wet farts directly at you. Too bad you weren't trapped in the room with me to be at the mercy of all this FUNK! I mean fart after fart, long loud ones, wet sloppy ones and little poppers too. If you crank up the volume you can even hear the rumbling in my tummy before some of the best farts! I also added a little blooper at the end of me trying to do a couch farting clip ... but all I could manage was one little poot!

Length: 6min. 
Size: 374 MB 
Format: wmv Category: Farting 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-05-18

Get out FART demons!!!

Get out demons
Get out demons

I felt like my stomach was possessed in this clip! I start out my morning as I usually do ... laying in bed and farting my ass off! This clip has three of the longest and nastiest farts I've pushed out for the camera in a while, along with a few more little poppers that creep out before I have to make my run to the potty. I allow you to come along for the ride while I try to get out the demons of the night before, and I give you a run down of all the horrible things I ate while you hear my toilet farts and plop plops in the background.

Length: 3min. 
Size: 136 MB 
Format: wmv Category: Farting 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-02-04
Video Info:
Audio Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5000 kb/s
2 Channels @ 413 kb/s

Scat Cam Show on video - Meal For One by DirtyAzz -

Meal For One

Meal For One
DirtyAzz is hungry again for her own brand of food

Length: 14min. 
Size: 122 MB 
Format: mp4 Category: Shitting / Scat 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-07-11
Video Info:
Audio Info: 640x480 Pixel @ 1201 kb/s
2 Channels @ 11 kb/s

scat show by Kinky - Pee Shower Plus Extra

Pee Shower Plus Extra

Kinky pees in a cup then pours it on herself then gives an extra gift.

Ebony Scat Mistress,potty's Pregnant in locker in wool dress!

Pregnant in locker NEN bepisst.public wool dress!

I have alot to share with you about this model.. she has some great poop clips as well as scat..


Black pee queen does public poop

Pregnant in locker NEN bepisst.public wool dress!

constantly pressed for time, the bubble always small pipipausen ... even while shopping, the mistress can not keep it so clean in the locker room's pretty peed on white wool dress can be wiped on it goes :-)

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Ass Spread Wide Open

Dont miss out.. buy her first clip, can you imagine kissing this succulent asshole from this ethnic goddess.. check her out today..

Spread my ass wide open with both hands, watch my morning shit slide right out my tight asshole. You can still see the corn from last nights dinner! YELLOW SHIT QUEEN!

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Pantyhose Plops (mpeg) HD
This pantyhose that was won in an auction by a very lucky shit lover has been delivered, but before I delivered this shit filled pantyhose I gave him a quick look at what its like to shit in them.. if you watch closely you see me playfully in front of the camera and then I turn my ass to you so that you can see me spread my ass thru the pantyhose, then it gets to the point that I cant hold it anymore and i just have to let it go.. watch even closer and you see my thick shit slowly pushing its way thru my pantyhose... you , as giddy as school girl, just cant help but to watch as I pull down my panties and show you my bare ass and all the sweet chocolate I just poured from my round brown royal ass.. mmm isnt life good..

Fartin' & Shittin' by XSTREAM Entertainment on Yezzclips

Fartin' & Shittin'


This clip features a couple broads fartin and shittin for your enjoyment. And stay tuned for fartin n shittin II, you won't wanna miss it!

Darkest Fantasies by Twerking, Shitting, Pissing

Twerking, Shitting, Pissing

Check out Mistress raw Desires newest clips in her store  Darkest Fantasies

Come check out the mistress twerk her luscious chocolate 
body, and have you fuckers grabbing yourself before the 
real show even starts. This one will have you wanting more 
and more of the mistress so you nasty fuckers pull up closer
 grab a cup and catch that shit from her ass, and imagine 
yourself laying underneath her legs as she flows with piss
that she wants to flood your face with it. More clips to come
enjoy the show!

Take my shit by QOS Fantasy Feat: Mistress Raw Ipad 720p HD

Take my shit Ipad 720p HD

Take my shit Ipad 720p HD

Mistress Raw Desires just loves using the toilet. She shows of her big juicy ebony ass off before dropping some smelly turds in the toilets open mouth. She also gives him a nice stream of warm piss and then makes makes the toilet lick her smelly ass clean. Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen. Contact her @ lele6996loves@gmail.com she is offering live and cam sesions. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

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Danita's Brown Lotion by Messy ethnic girls clips

Danita's Brown Lotion

Danita is back again and she shits then makes shit lotion to spread all over her body

Pussy Shit Lotion

Pussy Shit Lotion

Milk spreads shit all over her pussy Dont you love the way she gets down and dirty and rubs her sweet chocolate all over her little nasty body.. 

She power piss in a cup and poops for u on the floor

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Diamond Dooks New Ebony Scat Fetish Store

Oooo Weee , look at that ass.. looks like we have another store to add to the list.. Diamond Dooks.. she has such fucking perfect ass.. you no i love a good plump ass.. mmm

Striptease Shit

Sexy In Heels

Over The Tub

Milktity's Shit Food - by messy ethinic girls


                                  Shit Food

Simply Put, milktity shits then eats it.. another shit slopper upper clip from your girl milktity..
eat it up girlee and dont forget to give a her good chocolatee kiss boys.......

Dolls Hunger for her own shit and pee.. mmm mmm mmm

                           Dolls Hunger

Doll is thirsty and hungry so she pees then swallows it, then she shits and eats it to fill her hunger....

Doll will have you begging for more.. watch as she plays with her on shit on cam and eats all up for you, dont you just love a sweet filthy asshole..mmm

SexyDread's Hungry

                    SexyDread's Hungry

Oh, check out that juicy smooth black ass, so firm and round.. she is sure to give you nasty show.. watch as sexydread shares her chocolate and takes a bite for herself...

SexyDread poops and pees in bowl then she tastes her own homemade chocolate.

Curvy ebony Latoya drops a FAT LOG

Fat log 1080p HD

Fat log 1080p HD
Curvy ebony Latoya comes by and drops a thick fat log. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Fat Protokoll 1080p HD
Kurvige Ebenholz Latoya kommt und fällt eine dicke Fettprotokoll . Wird es in 1080p-HD-720p-HD-WMV und Iphone / Ipod-Formate.

Who needs a toilet?

Do you ever get the urge to pee somewhere other than a plain old toilet?
Check out the latest clip from EBONY FETISH clipstore.. she has a treat for you 
fart and pee lovers.. 

Who needs a toilet?

First timer Ebonys monster shit 1080p HD

First timer Ebonys monster shit 1080p HD

First timer curvy black goddess Ebony takes a monster shit in the toilet boys open waiting mouth. This was a big smelly dump; look forward to seeing more from this first time lady. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Erste Timer Ebonys Monster Scheiße 1080p HD
Erste Timer kurvige schwarz Göttin Ebony nimmt ein Monster Scheiße in der Toilette Jungen offenen Warte Mund. Das war ein großer stinkenden Deponie; freuen uns auf mehr von diesem ersten Mal Dame. Wird es in 1080p-HD-720p-HD-WMV und Iphone / Ipod-Formate.

Length: 11min.
Size: 380 MB
Format: wmv Category: Shitting / Scat 
Language: English
Added: 2013-12-03

Milktitty Dirty Anal by messy ethnic girls

Milktitty Dirty Anal

Milktitty shits then puts dildos up her asshole for some anal fun

Length: 18min.
Size: 161 MB
Format: mp4 Category: Shitting / Scat
Language: English
Added: 2013-12-01

Ebony scat model Doll's Enema by Messy Ethnic Girls

Doll's Enema

Doll pees and swallows it, fucks her dildo anally till she shits, sticks an enema up her ass thens lets it loose in a can.

Best friends sis shitting by QOS fetish fantasy

HOW naughty and very nice then to have ur best friends sister over to eat all her chocolate right up..Yummy

Best friends sis shitting 1080p HD

Best friends sis shitting 
The toilet gets his best friends younger sis comes over to fill up his mouth with some nice turds. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Latoyas over flow by QOS FETISH FANTASY

Ooooh look at the latest form the curvy ebony Laytoya in The QOS store...

Latoyas over flow 1080p HD

Latoyas over flow 1080p HD
Curvy ebony Laytoya comes back to over flow the toilets mouth with a monster shit load. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Ebony Male Scat.. mmmm just what you been looking for..

For some reason I could never talk any man into doing scat clips on yezz..but finally  someone has stepped up to the plate.. and with his swarthy beautiful brown ass he offers his scat to you... CLICK HERE to buy

black guy shitting

Black guy taking his daily shit..

Ebony College Girls Pooping on yezzclips -:CLIPS OF THE YEAR

Ebonyscatprincess' CLIPS OF THE YEAR , Ebony scat photos..
these are just a few of the pics from yezzclips from each store including
this set of pics from College Girls Pooping store.. if you want more like
this and there are 100's more.. CLICK HERE
college girls poopingCollege girl Denver enjoys the look of her monster poop

Nice college girl Myah shits on the plate
Kinky college girl Ryder loves to shit and piss
Nice looking college girl Salena shits on the plateBlack beautiful college girl Kisha shits in the public placePretty ebony college girl Denver shits in the toilet Beautiful college girl Denver shits in the bathroom

Sexy college girl Denver loves to make some big turds

Just a preview of some of the Ebony Bathroom beauties in the collegegirlspooping clip store