Did not mean to shit my jeans by: worship Mistress ass

going pooh pooh in my jeans,I been holding my shit for over 2 hours because i was out for my morning walk,i just made it home,and someone is in both bathrooms,and there taking long as showers,the pooh keep trying to push out,i hold my ass tight i love these jeans and i want to keep them clean ,but i do not know how much longer i can go like,i just let it go,wow i am so gassy nice farts and a nice piss i feel so much better

On all Fours! by scarlett marie

On all Fours!

I haven't done a clip of me pooping on my hands and knees in a while! Come watch me get on all fours while I shit out a huge load and piss all over the floor! After pooping, I pick up the scat with my bare hands and dump it in the toilet before flushing...you guys get two marvelous views as I used two cameras from different angles ;)

Newspaper Shitty by: worship Mistress ass

Snapshot 6 (12-27-2014 3-18 PM)

you are the shit that falls out my ass,your fucking worthless worship my round 38 inc ass,put your face in it ,inhale and enjoy shit loving fucker

shitty diaper asshole wink HD by: worship Mistress ass


Wow this diaper is so full it started hanging off my ass,i took a big shit in two different dipers,how much do i miss my diapers,i found some cute purple diapers,they fit good,so lets see what they can hold,i will take them off for you and show of my shitty winking asshole,and the full load in my diaper

Long Turd! by scarlett marie

Long Turd!

I'm always pooping at my day job and this time it's a very long turd that comes out of my cute asshole!

Morning fart & shit by: worship Mistress ass

Snapshot 1 (1-1-2015 9-32 AM)

long time no shit,i miss you guys watching me take my morning shit,i have a few nice farts ,nice long pee,and a good shit,come join me.

Oven Poopy! by scarlett marie

Oven Poopy!

This is my first clip pooping directly into the oven! I just move to a new apartment and my goal is to poop everywhere :) Today I decide to take a shit in my oven. I have a camera sitting inside the oven so you get to have 2 views! I know you know thought I was gonna bake my shit for you but not today...after shitting in the oven, I pick it up to give you a closer look before taking it to the bathroom to get flush away...

Big Dump from Couch! by scarlett marie

Big Dump from Couch!

Big Dump from Couch!
I haven't pooped yet in my new living room so I decided to do a clip with my booty hanging from the edge of the couch! I stoop right on the edge of the couch and shit directly on the floor, didn't want to get the carpet all wet so I peed in a cup for you ;) After doing my nasty business, I pick up the poo with my bare hands and walk all the way to the bathroom to dump it in the toilet! So sexy!!!

Cup o’ gas by: Whole Lotta Gas


Lately, I’ve been getting bored with just sitting on your face and letting my ass gas rip- sure it’s fun but I want to try something different. How about I just fart into a wine glass and shove it into your face? The gas would be condensed and much more potent that way… and plus I’m not wearing any panties just to make sure that all of my stench in this glass and not trapped in underwear fabric!

Dinning Room Pooping! by ScarlettMarie

Dinning Room Pooping!

once again so beautiful.. scarlett marie

It's time to poop again and this time we're in my dinning room :) Come watch me take a nice shit and piss as I ride my dinning room chair reverse cowgirl style! I have included 2 camera views so you get a real close up of my cute butthole as my scat falls out!

Milk, Piss, & Shit Part 2 Shitty Milkshake


This is the second installment! Mistress Raw Desire starts this clip with a shitty ass. You can see her cum smeared at the bottom of her ass cheek. She shakes her shitty ass, while letting you admire her asshole. The mistress then pulls out the glass that is already filled with milk, piss, & shit. (You must watch part one to see the filling of the glass) The mistress then pulls out a fork and begins to mix up the shit with the milk. She dirty talks to you while she mixes the creation. Enough reading just tune IN!

Hostage by: Whole Lotta Gas


*Includes a scene with a firearm*
Custom: I wanted to be tied up and gagged as I’m sitting on the floor in front of you. If you had a stool or table to sit on in front of me that would be great but if not, then end of a bed would work. You would laughingly let me know that you have me locked up tight and the only way that you will let me out is if I endure your punishment. You would talk really close to my face as you comment on having ate onions and garlic and not brushed your teeth yet and even blow your breath gently in my face so I’m forced to smell it. Then (wearing those sexy silver leggings) you would put your ass in my face or sit on the stool in front of me as you arch your back to really accentuate the curve of your butt. After farting you would turn and giggle at me as you waft it into my nose and maybe even blew your breath at me too so that I was really forced to take all of your smells. This would continue as you keep laughing at me as I attempt to escape but you remind me that you’ve locked me in and locked the windows so I would never get fresh air again. Finally at the end you would erase all hope of escape by telling me that you never plan on letting me out and that I have to stay trapped in there with your smells until next time.

Includes: Bad Breath, Farting, Smell fetish, Domination.

Milk, Piss, & Shit Part 1 by: Darkest Fantasies


This clip is for all you hungry and thirsty shit face slaves. The mistress takes out a glass and some milk to get it ready to serve to you. Mistress Raw Desires pours the milk into the glass then she opens her pussy lips and takes a nice piss inside of the glass with the milk. She then puts the glass directly under her asshole and begins to shit. Her pussy begins to cream as she pushes out the shit. The shit slides out of her ass and just hangs there for a while before it breaks off. The Mistress picks out the shit and begins to feed it to you. This is only the beginning of the shitty milkshake. Send custom request for your overnight shake.

Eat My Ass & Suck My Feet! 3 clips Ultimate Ass Worshipping by: Darkest Fantasies

output_nirmzH (1)

In this installment, the mistress is giving the slave her feet to kiss and her ass to eat. Mistress Raw Desires gives the slave what he as be begging for. She sits in a chair and demands for her slave to crawl over to her on his hands and knees. The slave is in need of having the mistress put her feet in is mouth. So, she stuffs his mouth full of her toes. She makes him lick and suck each toe. The mistress then sits on the slaves face and smothers him with her fat ass. . Tune in!

Shit looking like Curly Fries by: Darkest Fantasies


Would you like some curly fries made out of shit. Tune in as Mistress Raw Desires lays on her back with white thongs on taking a shit. The shit comes ooooozing out of her chocolate ass. Just watching the shit squeeze out will make you want to grab a spoon to gobble it up. The Mistress challenges all you dirty boys to come eat the shit directly from her juicy ass. Watch as her tight pussy creams from the excitement of knowing she is being watched. Tune in now!

Musical toots by Whole Lotta Gas


Yoga pants + Beans + Wood= some pretty funky farts! I should stop with the xmas leftovers for a while because it’s making me a mean lean gas-producing machine!

“I do declare there is some art in making you, the perfect fart. It ain’t no easy matter, hun, To push this air from out my bum. In such a way that I may pass enchanting music out my ass.”

Raven's Pudding & Lemonade Stand - Reverse Cowgirl Shit


Watch me sit in reverse and shit! towards the end I switch positions on the toilet and zoom in to me shitting normally.

Period Poop! by: ScarlettMarie

ScarlettMarie Pooping on period

It’s Christmas and I’ve visiting family. I have to poop but I’m also on my period so I sit on the toilet and streams of blood just keep pouring out as I try to push out a nasty turd

Shitting and Pissing on Coke cans at Work! (Including bonus clip!) by ScarlettMarie

ScarlettMarie shitting on Cocacola

I’m at work again and this time I’m being extra naughty! I’m going to poop and pee on a stack of soda cans that are supposed to go in the coke machine in our employee break room! Someone’s gonna be tasting my poop and piss as the take a drink of their soda,,,and oh! I have also included a bonus clip for you guys! ;)

Mousse Shits by: Raven's Pudding & Lemonade Stand


I needed to shit so bad and i was rushing to film this- my poop comes out in a mousse consistency and is filled with little “goodies” in it… I couldn’t help but piss afterwards since i had to push out my shit and it in turn pushed on my bladder as well. In the end I zoom up on my waste and give you a very good look. Wouldn’t you just love to get a taste of my delicious ass pudding? :)

Pooping into shipping crate at work! by: ScarlettMarie

ScarlettMarie Pooping into shipping container at work

I have been very naughty at work lately…taking a shit on all kinds of things in our employee bathroom. Today I decided to shit in a shipping crate we keep in the bathroom. I place some paper towels in the container and proceed to take a big shit in it! I can’t pee in it so I sit on the toilet to pee. I then have to clean up the huge mess I’ve left in the shipping tote so as not to leave any evidence! Watch me get it all cleaned up and the evidence flushed down the toilet!

Shitting Sideways by: ScarlettMarie

Scarlettmarie Sideways pooping

I just woke up and of course I have to take a big shit! I decide to poop on the floor laying sideways so you can get a good view of my plump ass while the turds come flowing out! I have included a replay clip to show you guys two views! Enjoy!!!

Stuffing & Feeding My Pig With Shit by: Lisadomina

Stuffing and Feeding My Pig with Shit Animated

Mistress Lisa decides to turn her toilet slave into a shit eating, shit-stuffed pig. First she smothers him with her ass, making him stick his tongue up her ass while she suffocates him. She pisses and shits into his mouth, and uses a tube of red lipstick to label him as a toilet and a pig. This isn’t enough for the sadistic dominatrix though. She gets out containers of shit that she has saved up ( a weeks worth) and fucks her slave in the ass with logs of shit while he moans and snorts like the animal he has become. When the logs break she stuffs his asshole with the remains and fucks, then stuffs his ass with more until his asshole is filled to overflowing with shit. She gets another container of shit and dumps it on his head and rubs it all over his face. Then she commands him to coat his entire body with the shit while she dumps manure on him and makes him root and snort like a pig.

Get Ready by: Whole Lotta Gas


Custom: I’d like for you to be getting ready/doing makeup, where I can see you looking more and more feminine, whilst you are embarrassingly gassy. The camera does not have to be focused on your bum all the time, in fact just the opposite is sometimes hotter.

In your Face by Whole Lotta Gas


First video of fart video 2015 and I’m just throwing my ass right in your face and letting it rip… I’m a stinky gross mess!

huge ball shit in stockings by: worship Mistress ass


Wow I ate a really big meal last night:),lots of broccoli ,I woke up and had my coffee this morning now i have to shit really really bad,I ignore it for a while but i can not longer hold it,fuck i can not make it to the bathroom,so i have on sexy black stocking ,and i neal down to shit in my stockings,wow it is such a big load of shit it weigh my stockings down,i will show of my lovely shitty ass,and the shit that has come out of my little asshole,you want a taste of what i ate last night,i will serve you up a little meal,some fish my ball of shit with some lemon on toy,your meal is now severed,worship my shitty ass while i bonce it in your fucking face,worship your queen

Custom Shit filled Request by ScarlettMarie on the Scatshop

ScarlettMarie Pooping on washer

Shit Ice cream pix2

Tell me everything you want in this request. The more detailed, the better! Make sure we've discussed this in private messages first!

Send me a private message and we can talk about all the niceties I have to offer! Whatever tickles your fantasy, I can ship to you: Nice smelly turds, stinky panties (I can wear them for as many days as you want, the pussy scent will drive you wild!) pee in vials, skid marked panties, period tampons and pads…all vacuum sealed for freshness!

You have come to the right place for all your kinky desires! I provide pooping, farting and peeing videos; or whatever tickles your fantasy! I can also send you special items upon request, your imagination is the only limit!

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Good Slaves Get Fed Twice by lisa domina

Good Slaves Get Fed Twice animatedMistress Lisa’s slaves need to eat, so of course she feeds them her shit. Her first slave has to kiss her high heeled shoes for the honor of eating her shit. He must have done a good job because she shits an enormous load into his mouth. Then she pisses in his mouth. Lisa feels the urge to go again so shits again into his mouth. The lucky slave’s mouth is only so big so some of the shit falls to the side. Not wanting to displease his goddess he quickly chews and swallows the mouthful so Lisa can shove the remaining shit into his mouth. The 2nd slave is a little less willing, so Lisa ties him to the bed. She spits into his mouth and smothers him with her ass. Then she uses his mouth as a toilet, filling his mouth with a nice firm log of shit as she talks to the viewer, letting you know what you’re going to get if you’re ever lucky enough to be used this way.

Messy Shit Platter by raven pudding


Watch me whipped up a pour some of my delicious ass pudding! I shit on a paper plate and finish it off by pissing all over it. and I let you get a good view of my stinky mess!

Shittting Sideways! by scarlettmarie

Shittting Sideways!

Shittting Sideways!
I just woke up and of course I have to take a big shit! I decide to poop on the floor laying sideways so you can get a good view of my plump ass while the turds come flowing out! I have included a replay clip to show you guys two views! Enjoy!!!

Shitty Pissy Sissy by lisa domina

Shitty Pissy Sissy AnimatedLisa has thoroughly humiliated her toilet slave Sandy. She has him crossdressed and his head shaved, wearing lipstick and bra and has labeled him a toilet, slut, and pig in bright red lipstick all over his body. She pisses on his cock then has him lay on his back, where she shits into his mouth. She lets him change into another outfit and clean up after he finishes eating the shit. Then she squats again and takes another shit into his mouth. Some of it drops on the floor so she shoves it into his mouth. Lisa then rubs it all over his face and into his nose. Next we see Lisa and Sandy hours later, where he must have been a naughty slut-whore because his ass is covered in welts. The ever-inventive Lisa decides to use a speculum on the whores ass to spread it close to splitting. Sissy Sandy has to then kneel with his ass opened up. Lisa completes his punishment by pissing into his asshole, which she has turned into a urinal for her sadistic amusement.

Legs spread wide open on the Toilet! by scarlett marie

Legs spread wide open on the Toilet!

I haven't done a clip sitting on the toilet in a while and in this one I spread my legs wide open for you, placing one foot on the door knob while I shit out huge turds into the toilet. After shitting and pissing, I flush to let you see the goodies go down the drain...I know you wish you had those nice smelly turds right in your hands, playing with them and masturbating...you nasty boy :)

Lil Stink's Weekly Streaming and Ploppings going on!!

Lil Stink's Weekly Streaming and Ploppings going on!!

Lil Stink's Weekly Streaming and Ploppings going on!!
Lil Stink back with another collection of great public and private peeing and clips!! Enjoy as she handles her business in over a half dozen scenes. Hot Streaming piss and plops - just what you come to expect from this Sexy PYT!!

Aria's Public and Private Dookie Bombs and Poots!!

Aria's Public and Private Dookie Bombs and Poots!!

Aria's Public and Private Dookie Bombs and Poots!!
Aria comes through with her first Public Video. She had to drop a couple at the Job and proceeds to blow it up!!! Just when she thought she was finished and was wiping in the 1st scene, another burst comes along! Three great scenes in this one. Damn this ass is looking extra good with her new HD Camera!!

Honey Brown's unexpected Diarrhea!!

Honey Brown's unexpected Diarrhea!!

Honey Brown's unexpected Diarrhea!!
Honey Brown back with another EPIC clip!! She is fast becoming a popular item as this sexy 43 year old has a body that puts most the ladies on this to shame - and she's old enough to be most of their mamas!! In this one she was feeling a tad backed up. She had a nice long Pee, then reverses the camera behind her to try to push out a quick load - or so she thought! She pushes it out and all the sudden FLOODGATES OPEN!! A nice , sexy Mudbutt adventure from the MILF of all MILFS!!

Extreme Human Toilet Training Part 3

Animated EHTT 3

Good toilet slaves need to be disciplined and Mistress Lisa is a firm believer in punishing her toilet slaves. In this video Lisa kicks, tramples, and bitch slaps her slave before sitting on his face and smothering him while beating on his worthless cock. She spits in his mouth then makes him drink her piss, filling his mouth several times and making him swallow every precious drop. Afterwards he shows his appreciation by sucking on her boot-heel.

lthea's worship worthy Grunts, Plops & Strains

Honey Brown's unexpected Diarrhea!!

Honey Brown's unexpected Diarrhea!!
Honey Brown back with another EPIC clip!! She is fast becoming a popular item as this sexy 43 year old has a body that puts most the ladies on this to shame - and she's old enough to be most of their mamas!! In this one she was feeling a tad backed up. She had a nice long Pee, then reverses the camera behind her to try to push out a quick load - or so she thought! She pushes it out and all the sudden FLOODGATES OPEN!! A nice , sexy Mudbutt adventure from the MILF of all MILFS!!

Aria's Bloated Grunts, Plops, and Strains!!

Aria's Bloated Grunts, Plops, and Strains!!

Aria's Back with another GRRRREAT collection Tony Tiger Style, full of Snap, Crackle and Plops!!! Damn all that is missing is the smell-o-vision on this one!! She was a little bloated and ready for some good evacuations in these Four Clips. This new Camera of hers is making one of my favorites even better than ever!!! You can almost feel the turds falling out her ass in this one!! That Juicy Ass of hers is just dropping em in this one!!

Extreme Human Toilet Training Part 2

Animated EHTT 2

Mistress Lisa continues to force feed her toilet slave the large load of shit that sits on his chest. She beats his cock and pulls on it to make him chew faster, then digs her boot heels into his nipples to motivate him.

Poop & Heels by Curvy Nicole Filthy Ass

Poop & Heels

Poop & Heels
My first and definitely will not be my last time pooping in high heel. My huge lumpy poop made me feel soo good and creamy.

Length: 2min. 
Size: 33 MB 
Format: wmv Category: Shitting / Scat 
Language: English 
Added: 2014-12-10