Ebonyscatprincess on Clips4sale.. single clips

Of course you know you can get a membership on my site..but for those that dont want a membership.. which is non recurring, you can get my clips one at a time..just by clicking the pic below

These clips are for the toilet slave beginner, or to ease the bathroom voyeur into the life of female as she goes about in the bathroom...be sure to click the next button at least 4 times so you can see the variety of clips.. I have them in  4 formats... , .mov,Mp4,.avi,.mpg an any that you would like to see..

http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34271 once you click this link, scroll to the bottom for single clips and get only the ones you want

EbonyScatPrincess shit clips, #1,3,4, and 5 on Yezzclips

Have you seen any of my latest clips.... well the best clips are not for the cheap... but not that expensive.. my newest compilation can be bought on yezzclips it has all my latest with a few unpublished throw backs and some seen. This would be set number 2 and could also be ordered on CD-rom (DVD's coming Soon).

But my top sellers the past two weeks have been #1 She shits and pee's on a dildo (a must see) - this was done by request for guy who wanted his dick to defecated on..#3 on there list is my clip "moaning as she poops", #4 "Long Poo squating on a scale" , #5 "Poo in the Bathtub" and coming in at number 11.. is "Chocolate Shit Shake"

Needless to say, Poo burger was number 1 for quite a long time.. and now.. its time for more.. I will bringing back my first compilation of clips.. soon.. and within a month or so, you can order the pre clips here as well.

The Ebony Scat Queen - new place for free clips

Many times we see girls have different user names on different sites..as do some of you boys.. but for me it happens because one site will allow 26 letters for a username and the other only 10 for example.. you know ma as the ebonyscatprincess..but on my fem dom clips, you will find me under Ebony Scat Queen, on  clips4sale I am referred to the EbonyTTqueen... because that site doesn't show poo but shows me going but I do have clips of me peeing.. and have more to come..

Long story short.. you can find my free clips here.. as well as a couple of other sites..

At this point I will do preview of my clips in my stores and will do only one FRESH clip per month for free on these sites

New Auctions

I finally started up some new auctions.. I will have some pantyhose auctions and poo clips will be available for instant download and instant buy. My username on  ebanned is Hawttawty... some of my auctions will start at $9.99 and up.. and the perk is that you can get them made custom the way you want them.. all you have to do is follow my blog to get the custom perk..

New Store... Yezz Clips.. Explcit Shit / Scat Video Clips


Yezzclips opened not to long ago and is filled with the best clips by far.. not to mention it is filled with my latest clips and my oldies ...
If you spend over $50 in one order in the month of september, I will make you a shit or piss clip of my choice for free and deliver it to you via email..contact me for details..@ ebonyscatprincess@gmail.com